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Recently the second prize and chamber music prize winner of the 2015 Michael Hill International

Competition, violinist Eunae Koh enjoys a rapidly blossoming career as a soloist, chamber musician,

and orchestral concertmaster. Ms. Koh made her concerto debut at the age of 9 with the Seoul

Symphony Orchestra, and won numerous national competitions in her native South Korea,

including the Sungjung Music Competition, Ewha & Kyunghyang Competition, Korean Chamber Ensemble

 Competition, and Joong-Ang Music Competition. In 2010 she was awarded the Seongyong Park Special

 Prize at the Isang Yun International Competition. Soon after coming to the United States in 2013,

she made her U.S. debut performing the Brahms Concerto in Jordan Hall with the New England

Conservatory Symphony Orchestra as the school’s competition winner. 

Ms. Koh has soloed with the Aukland Philharmonic Orchestra in New Zealand, Boston’s Hwaum Chamber

Orchestra, Yewon Orchestra at Seoul Arts Center, SungJung Philharmonic Orchestra, and both orchestras

 of Seoul National University. She gave her first public recital at the age of 13 in Kumho Art Hall and

was invited to return for another recital several years later. Taking an interest in a variety of projects,

she has performed and recorded several new works by Boston composers, appears regularly as guest

musician with the Chameleon Arts Ensemble, and is an artist-member of Music For Food -- a musician-

led initiative to provide resources for local hunger relief. A serious chamber musician, she worked closely

 with the Borromeo Quartet in their Bartok Quartets seminar and performed with her New England

Conservatory quartet in the annual Jordan Hall chamber music gala concert.

As an orchestral leader, Ms. Koh currently serves as concertmaster of the Haffner Sinfonietta, a position

 she has held for a year. She has also served as concertmaster of the New England Conservatory self-

conducted Chamber Orchestra, the New England Conservatory Philharmonic Orchestra under Jeffrey

 Kahane, and both orchestras of Seoul National University.

Ms. Koh is currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma at the New England Conservatory as teaching assistant

 to Donald Weilerstein and recipient of the Abraham Skernick Memorial Presidential Scholarship. 

She completed her Master’s degree at the New England Conservatory and received her Bachelor’s

degree at Seoul National University on the University’s Development Fund Scholarship. Her primarily

mentors are Donald Weilerstein and Young Uck Kim.

Ms. Koh is extremely fortunate to perform on a violin made in 1768 by Pietro Antonio Dalla Costa

 by the Colburn Collection. She is grateful to be fully supported and inspired by her fellow

musicians and hopes to keep sharing her music in the United States.


아래 링크는 sibil 이라는 바이올린 협주곡으로 세계 초연한 음원과 동영상입니다.

Violin Concerto "Sybil" performed by Eunae Koh | Stephanie Ann Boyd

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  • 검정콩 2016.02.28 02:16 (*.210.180.54)
    고박사님 축하해요
    소중한 딸 두셨네요 ... 좋은 연주입니다^^
  • 콩쥐 2016.03.12 19:32 (*.17.116.107)
    사진도 참 잘 나왔네요...

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